19.50-25/2.5 Construction Equipment Wheel loader Universal

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19.50-25/2.5 is 5PC structure rim for TL tire, it’s commonly used by Wheel Loader and other vehicles. We are OE wheel rim suppler for Volvo, CAT, Liebheer, John Deere, Doosan in China.

  • Product introduction: 19.50-25/2.5 is 5PC structure rim for TL tire, it's commonly used by Wheel Loader, general vehicles. We supply bare rims + componets to clinets which are also rim manufacturers, they will make final finish for various kinds of offsets.
  • Rim size: 19.50-25/2.5
  • Application: Construction Equipment / mining
  • Model: Wheel loader / other vehicles
  • Vehicle Brand: Universal
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    The tire size notation "19.50-25/2.5 rim" refers to a specific tire size that is commonly used in heavy-duty industrial and construction equipment, particularly in applications where large loads need to be handled on rough terrains.

    Let's break down what each part of the notation represents:

    1. **19.50**: This indicates the nominal diameter of the tire in inches. In this case, the tire has a nominal diameter of 19.50 inches.

    2. **25**: This represents the nominal width of the tire in inches. The tire is designed to fit rims with a diameter of 25 inches.

    3. **/2.5 rim**: The slash (/) followed by "2.5 rim" indicates the recommended rim width for the tire. In this case, the tire is intended to be mounted on a rim with a width of 2.5 inches.

    Tires with this size notation are often used in heavy-duty off-road vehicles and construction equipment, including loaders, haul trucks, and some types of industrial forklifts. These machines are typically used in environments where they need to carry and move heavy loads over rugged terrain, such as construction sites, mining operations, and large-scale material handling.

    The tire size notation provides information about the tire's dimensions and compatibility with specific rim sizes. The tire's large diameter and width contribute to its load-carrying capacity and stability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. The recommended rim width ensures that the tire is properly mounted and performs as intended.

    It's worth noting that tire size notations can vary slightly based on the manufacturer and region, so it's important to double-check with the manufacturer's specifications or consult with professionals in the field to ensure that you are selecting the right tire for your equipment and application.

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